Powerpoint to LiveCode

Paul Dupuis paul at researchware.com
Mon Mar 2 16:04:49 EST 2020

Out of curiosity, has anyone created a library that will import  - the 
parts of a Powerpoint presentation that can be recreated in Livecode -  
into a LiveCode stack?

Of course .pptx files are actuall just ZIP archives with assorted XML 
files inside, while there is a path to importing .pptx files, it is not 
simple. Use revZIP to open the .pptx file, use revXML (or your howm 
grown xml parser) to extract the XML for each slide (each a separate 
file in the archive) and rectreate those slide elements support in LiveCode.

So, I know HOW to do it.

I am asking if any one has already built such a library (or even started 

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