iOS Browser Widget and javascriptHandlers Update

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Mon Jun 29 20:01:05 EDT 2020

Did you file a bug report?  I would not expect it to work like that.

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> On Jun 29, 2020, at 6:15 PM, Ralph DiMola via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Just a warning. I fixed this by deleting and recreating the Browser Widget.
> The Widget was created in v9.5.1 and apparently was not compatible with
> v9.6.0. I changed the code to delete all browser widgets and recreate them.
> I wasted a couple of days debugging and then creating a small test program.
> The test program worked and then the preverbal light bulb came on and I
> deleted/recreated widget in full app... Voilà, everything worked. I don't
> know how we can prevent things like this is the future? Maybe widgets should
> have some sort of version code to warn you of this.
> beware
> LC 9.6
> I create I browser widget. I add a JavaScript Handler using (set the
> javascriptHandlers). Load webpage on an https server. The callbacks to LC
> work OK in Win 10 IDE and on Android deployment. On iOS 13 testers report
> the JavaScript call backs don't work first time but on subsequent loads of
> the page it works OK. This is the initial problem. So I fired up my test
> device to see what's going on. This is where it get weird.
> My test device is an iPad Mini running iOS 12.4.7 and JavaScript Handler
> call back to LC never works. I put some JavaScript "alert"s in the code for
> debugging. The alerts never show up but does show on Android and in the IDE.
> The alerts also show up in Safari and Chrome on the same 12.4.7 device just
> not in the browser widget. I verified that the remaining JavaScript code in
> the page is actually running just fine but no JavaScript Handler call backs
> or alerts are working.
> Could there a plist permission issue? I'm at a loss... Any ideas?
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