get URL results in tsneterr(6) on Android, previously worked ok

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sun Jun 28 22:29:20 EDT 2020

I think that's a DNS error. One of my testers got that once and later it 
stopped by itself. I think she was using her ISP's DNS resolver. I'm not 
sure there's much we can do about it, it happens after the request is sent, 
but maybe someone else knows more.

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On June 28, 2020 8:04:50 PM Alan Stenhouse via use-livecode 
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> Hi all
> Am re-building an app that's been running fine for over 2 years now and 
> when attempting to get a URL I always get the error "tsneterr: (6)" 
> contained in it with "could not resolve host" as the result.
> When I try the same code in the IDE it works as expected.
> I didn't previously include tsnet in my builds and I get this error whether 
> I do or do not include it in my build for Android now.
> I do have "internet" selected in Application Permissions in the Standalone 
> Settings.
> I also build up my httpHeaders manually to include username & pw and these 
> are still valid.
> I recall previous discussions that were maybe similar to this issue but 
> couldn't find anything in the forums/google/etc so far.
> Any hints or other pointers welcome - thanks!
> The code is:
> ---
> put "https://<myURL here>" into tPost
> put "Authorization: Basic" &CR&"userName: <myUsername email here>" & CR & 
> "password: <myPW here>" into tHeaders
> set the httpHeaders to tHeaders
> get URL (tPost)
> ---
> cheers
> Alan
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