get URL results in tsneterr(6) on Android, previously worked ok

Alan Stenhouse alanstenhouse at
Sun Jun 28 21:02:34 EDT 2020

Hi all

Am re-building an app that's been running fine for over 2 years now and when attempting to get a URL I always get the error "tsneterr: (6)" contained in it with "could not resolve host" as the result.

When I try the same code in the IDE it works as expected.

I didn't previously include tsnet in my builds and I get this error whether I do or do not include it in my build for Android now. 

I do have "internet" selected in Application Permissions in the Standalone Settings.

I also build up my httpHeaders manually to include username & pw and these are still valid.

I recall previous discussions that were maybe similar to this issue but couldn't find anything in the forums/google/etc so far.

Any hints or other pointers welcome - thanks!

The code is:
put "https://<myURL here>" into tPost
put "Authorization: Basic" &CR&"userName: <myUsername email here>" & CR & "password: <myPW here>" into tHeaders
set the httpHeaders to tHeaders
get URL (tPost)



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