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Alex Tweedly alex at
Wed Jun 17 19:32:05 EDT 2020

Hi Heather,

I have a question, and I think it might be a common one, so I'll ask 
here on the list rather than individually. Please feel free to reply 
whichever way you think is better :-)

I will definitely buy something (or failing that simply donate) - but I 
wanted to find what would be the best choice for me. I know (or think I 
know) I have an Indy license, and wanted to see when it expires so I can 
decide if I should renew/extend it now - and if not, then I'll find 
another toy to buy.

But I can't find that info on the page. I can only 
find a licenses for "Livecode commercial" and for "Livecode complete". I 
know that last one expired a long time ago - but can't find any more 
info for the "Livecode Commrcial" one.

Can you tell me where/how to look ? Or if necessary, tell me off-list.

Many thanks,


On 17/06/2020 15:30, Heather Laine via use-livecode wrote:
> Dear list folks,
> I'm drawing your attention to our crowd funding campaign, which we have just launched here:
> <>
> This is an important campaign for LiveCode. If you have a moment please do go and check it out.
> Warmest Regards,
> Heather
> Heather Laine
> Customer Services Manager
> LiveCode Ltd
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