This is what happens when a tech-master is asked to write a 'guide'!

Sean Cole (Pi) sean at
Thu Jul 23 16:18:22 EDT 2020

Hi all,

Can we have the guides rewritten to be understood by plebs like me please?
I've re-read this several times, slowly, and still having trouble working
it out. Is there some Yale course to get a Phd in LCB so we get to
understand it? I'll put curly braces around everything unintelligible by
normal human beings without an MS in computer science.

*LiveCode Builder Bytecode Reference*
> *Introduction*
> The LiveCode Builder Virtual Machine is a {infinite register machine} with
> a {high-level and verifiable bytecode}.
> All bytecode runs in the context of a {module instance} with {executing
> handlers forming a {stack of {activation frames}}}. Each frame contains an
> array of registers, the first part of which are parameters followed by
> {handler-local variables and bytecode block registers}.
> Most bytecode operations operate directly on registers, {access to module
> level definitions} (handlers, constants, variables) are {indirected}
> through the fetch and store operations.
> Each bytecode operation has an address which can be jumped to using the
> jump operations.

And that's the way to do an introduction! [sarcasm]!

Then we get a bunch of 'Operations' that we have NO CLUE how or where to
use in any form of context!

Is it just me or is this just very messed up?

Sean Cole
*Pi Digital *

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