Terence Heaford theaford at btinternet.com
Thu Jul 23 09:40:20 EDT 2020

I have been playing around with this community orientedText widget to see if it is suitable to be used for xAxis Labels at 45 degrees in a bar chart.

I’m not sure I am using it correctly.

I have set it up similar to this:

repeat for each line tLabel in tDataLabels

create widget (tLabel) as "community.livecode.hermann.orientedtext" in group "generalChart"

set the widgetText of widget(tLabel) to tLabel

set the widgetFontName of widget(tLabel) to "Lucida Grande"

set the widgetFontSize of widget(tLabel) to "15"

set the widgetAngle of widget(tLabel) to "-45"

set the strokeBack of widget(tLabel) to false

set the widgetAdjustSize of widget(tLabel) to true

set the right of widget(tLabel) to tX + tGap

set the top of widget(tLabel) to tY

add tGap to tX

end repeat

However, widgetAdjustSize does not adjust it’s size unless I go into the property dialog and uncheck/check the setting.

Can anyone help with this.



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