ANN: FieldGroup - a simple rich text editor field.

Alex Tweedly alex at
Thu Jul 23 14:27:44 EDT 2020

On 23/07/2020 17:20, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode wrote:
> Thanks for posting this, Alex. Super cool.
> I didn't find license info in the package - did I miss it?
> What license is this distributed under?
Sorry, I should have said.

It is released under the MIT license; I've added the license text to the 
script of the group, and updated the copy on my website (as above) - now 
at version 0.2

While I was doing that :-), I added a new message sent on updates :

   fguser.textchange pFiledID, pStartLine, pEndLine

This happens after the text has changed, but *before* the undo system 
records it. It is therefore possible for the app to make further 
changes, and they will be recorded as part of the singe change operation.

As an example, I've updated the sample app to process

  - #tags  - any word beginning with a "#" is set into 'box' style

  - *bold* (as in Markdown) - text within any paired "*"s is set to bold

(note - it's just an example, I don't do the inverse and add "*"s to any 
bold text ...)


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