Using OAuth2 with Microsoft API services

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Wed Jul 22 15:00:54 EDT 2020

A moment ago I wrote:

> Mark Wieder wrote:
>> On 7/22/20 9:26 AM, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode wrote:
>>> I've run into a snag in which the OAuth2 redirect URI does not seem to 
>>> be called when used to authenticate for Microsoft API services such as 
>>> Dynamics 365.
>>> Before getting into details (there are many) it would be helpful to know 
>>> whether anyone here has successfully use LiveCode's OAuth2 library to 
>>> connect to Microsoft Office 365 apps, or even other Microsoft services 
>>> that use Azure's authentication service.
>> Haven't, but this seems to be what you need:
>> <>
>> Microsoft and Amazon make for strange bedfellows. Use certificates if 
>> you can.
> Certificates? What are you referring to in the context of OAuth?

Ignore that.  I was familiar with the URL because that's where we 
started, but re-reading I see the section on certs there as an 
alternative to shared secret.

Does LC's OAuth2 support certs as an alternative to shared secret?

Azure made setting up shared secret a snap, and I don't recall seeing 
anything in LC's OAuth2 lib for using certs instead, but would be happy 
to try it if it'll get us past this redirect issue.

Oddly, it appears as though we're authentincating fine as it is using 
shared secret, the only problem being that we're not getting the 
redirect to close the browser widget and return the auth code to us.

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