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Sat Jul 11 06:02:59 EDT 2020

To all,

sorry for this, I should have kept if off-list and I apologize, but this is my last mail in this respect!


> Am 11.07.2020 um 00:04 schrieb Curry Kenworthy via use-livecode <use-livecode at>:
> Klaus:
> >...
> > any news about "FieldTrip"? This is not funny anymore.
> > I turned 64 last month and I would really like to get
> > something for my money before I die!
> Klaus, let me say that your "National Socialist" approach

No idea what that may be, but it is surely not nice.
I do my best, but in the end I am not a native english speaker.

> to harassing me, every single chance you get, is also not funny anymore!

I dared to ask about 3 (THREE) times in the last seven years, not at every single chance I got.
The first time I did, you even made fun of me, also not very kind.

> Nor is giving people the FALSE and fake impression that you did not get a product for your money.

I got a one BETA and no update since 2013.

> I resent that slur, along with your continued harassment and mean-spirited, inaccurate disinformation campaign. It is as fundamentally flawed as your field test code. Maybe a pattern?

Oh my, that is very close to the wind and a cheap tit-for-tat response!

> FT was delivered.

> You got the LC 6 product you paid for.

One BETA was delivered!
I bought it at a time where I did not have much money, but wanted to support everything related to LC
so I am not very happy that no final version has been delivered since. 

I personally don't find it OK to sell software, take the customers money and deliver one beta version of that software in years.
But you do.

> LC pulled out the rug shortly after; LC 7 stopped working with some existing code, and not the other way around. Technically 7 was supposed to work with the existing code, and the team was working through BC issues, but ah well. My flagship products were more fortunate (with a lot of help from myself in testing and reporting issues) but LC 7 was released before that could happen for FT.

Interesting, so it is LCs fault in the end.
If I only had known this before!

> Since then, WordLib and WordReport have remained higher priorities. FT will be revived and updated; looking forward to it very much. But that will be AFTER the other flagship addons are updated. Not before. Harassment won't change that. Nor will falsehoods or bad behavior.
> (Hint: currently WordReport is first in line!)
> I cleared up your little scrolling field mystery for you, and in return, this is how you act?! Now, let's see how logical you can be, Klaus. Take a good look at the length of this message. I'm keeping it as short as possible, but obviously it still takes some time to carefully answer your careless slur.
> That does NOT speed up anything, including FT. But it does waste valuable time and slow things down. It's not furthering the outcome you seek. It also destroys goodwill and friendship, and it spreads falsehood. On top of that I'm handicapped and I don't have free time to waste. All bad results of these little slurs about FT and myself.

Please, let's dial it back a notch!
You don't want to make me responsible for all of your personal problems and even your handicap, do you?

> I would appreciate polite inquiries, or reminders, but this is way out of line. Every time I post here, you do this.

Not true, see above...

> You keep calling for my attention, and you got it.
> So, here's what I'll do. If you keep up this "National Socialist" style of harassment, I'll just pay a little more attention to your posts and correct more of the inaccurate statements that you make about LC code and technologies. I will also refer back to this post to save time, so that my corrections are as efficient as your falsehoods.
> I've had to make "Klaus corrections" about other LC matters (regular LC how-to and facts/tips, not about FT) on a regular basis over the years, usually very quietly off-list! 

And another laughable, untenable and very cheap tit-for-tat response!

> But I'll be happy to make more public corrections, more often, if needed. Or if you lay off the harassment, then as a natural result (math, time) everything will happen a little faster, including FT. The choice is yours. 

> Best wishes,
> Curry Kenworthy

I find your response rather "Mimimi" and highly exaggerated in many parts and I really start to feel sorry for you.
But don't worry, I will not bother you again.


Klaus Major
klaus at

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