[off-topic-ish] do you prefer LC-related content as books or video courses?

Alex Tweedly alex at tweedly.net
Tue Jul 7 15:38:29 EDT 2020

My immediate response is .... anything but video !!

I hate video - can't find things, no indexing, can't fast forward 
effectively over the bits I know or more-or-less know, need audio which 
doesn't always fit my surroundings, ....

But that doesn't mean video is without its advantages - sometimes it 
gets details across in a way that written methods fail with. Videos 
which are *short*, with really good external index/content description 
might be just the thing.

As for "book" - does that mean paper, ePub, PDF, or something better.  I 
would love to see a stack-based solution that gave quick, searchable, 
hyper-linked access to content that was also accessed in other ways. For 
example, I buy an e-book giving me a PDF plus a stack which allows me 
good access to the content (including updates, errata, new additions).

And I think you should consider a model of initial purchase with (cheap) 
on-going subscription, that would allow you an on-going revenue stream 
to keep the enhanced-book up-to-date and relevant.

And I think you could (depending on your content area) perhaps sell 
content which is sample apps. I would happily pay for a *realistic* iOS 
app - don't much care what it does, so long as it contains current 
techniques for building a real app - including using mobile widgets, 
etc. and comes with a full set of build instructions - i.e. it can't be 
a "Hello World" app, it must have reasonable set of features. Then I 
could take the app, follow the instructions - and hopefully get a 
successful build with fewer headaches. And that would be the ideal case 
for initial purchase + subscription because the instructions would 
evolve over time.

And if wanted to then build my own app, I would most likely do it as an 
offshoot from that working model. (Don't know how you work out licensing 
for that :-)

I suspect you could do similar for Android, a desktop + web combo, .... 
and find people who would get good value from buying that to give them a 
headstart on their own development. You'd need to find a balance of 
enough content to be a *real* app without soaking up too much 
development time.


On 07/07/2020 17:27, Andre Garzia via use-livecode wrote:
> Hey Folks,
> I have been working on some new LC content to sell. I want to transition my
> career into content production and I think there is an unserved demand for
> quality content for our beloved language.
> I'm just not exactly sure if you prefer to consume content in book format
> or video format. My reason to ask is because I love books but apparently
> people enjoy video courses more. Some friends of mine report more revenues
> from video courses than books, but doing video is harder and takes longer,
> so before deciding on what medium to go for I decided to ask you all about
> it.
> My outline is done and the research into the topics I want to cover is
> almost complete. I'll soon reach the point in my production pipeline where
> I need to decide which way should the content go. What do you prefer?
> Best
> Andre

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