HTML5 deployment

hh hh at
Fri Jan 31 17:14:45 EST 2020

> Sean C. wrote (in thread 'Brave'):
> ... can you put together a priority list of items that need to
> be fixed in HTML5 deployment as I am currently adjusting the code.
> I mean things that should just work without running external 
> JS workarounds like most of the key commands not working in a
> simple text field, etc.

[Adjusting which code? If this is some part of the standalone
builder I would like to see it.]

My list is long. To avoid that minor things are solved instead of
the major ones here the most important only (ordered by importance):

1. *Full* keyboard and mouse (incl. wheel) support.

2. Support for usual field shortcuts (selectAll, copy, cut, paste,
undo) and rawkey handlers. 

3. Improve the canvas generation:

Currently LC generates canvases for stacks, tooltips and
menus that are without querying windowIDs for all stacks
undistinguishable. Often menus and tooltips are hidden by stacks:

3a. Menus need to have an own fixed (very high) z-level,
3b. Tooltips need to have an own fixed (very high) z-level,
3c. Stacks need an own class for easier access in DOM.

4. Add a draggable, resizable windowing system (adding titlebar,
decorations) with automatic layering (z-levels).

Using js workarounds I got 1.+2. by using native fields and 3.+4.
by adjusting a panel-script of 350 lines (I tried 5 libs, only
one worked with the LC-menu-canvases, see htmlPlayer).

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