hh hh at
Thu Jan 30 15:11:38 EST 2020

> Richard G. wrote:
> do you know if would it be practical to run the generated 
> LC-engine-as-JS file through a JS->WASM converter?
> If not, what would be needed to make that happen?

AFAIK the current HTML5 standalone builder was made by Peter
Brett in contact with Mark Waddingham. It uses Emscripten (only)
to draw to a canvas.

So, I don't know but I guess that the HTML5 standalone builder
has to be (partially) rewritten to use Emscripten to compile LC
source code into WebAssembly modules that run sandboxed together
with regular JavaScript (having bindings especially to WebGL).
One could omit controls/features that are/will soon be well done
in HTML5, for example the audio/video/pdf/camera/img-webP parts. 

I guess this would run LC in a modern browser for some processes
(especially graphics and image processing) much faster than in
the current IDE.

Who only can really answer (and do) that?

Mark Waddingham and his team...

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