hh hh at
Thu Jan 30 13:10:04 EST 2020

> Bob S. wrote:
> I probably misunderstand the use of this. 
> I drug a simple stack into this but while it displays
> fine, it does not function...

Did you test it in the IDE? This is very simple in LC 9:

Open the stack, select HTML5 (nothing else) in the
standalone settings and hit the Test button.

If it runs there it will run in the LCPlayer because it is
the same engine.

If it doesn't run then possibly you use wait (not supported
in HTML5, use send in time instead).
Or try to disable your preopenstack handler.

In case you inject javascript handlers to the loading page
then these may interfere with the main engine. You have to
use a webview with the standalone from a (local) server

Known bug:
The only bug I have seen until now with one of my > 100
tested LC 6/7/8/9 stacks (that don't use unsupported controls
as players) is that a stack without titlebar doesn't 'slip'
into a panel.
One then has to do "close stack <name>" or do "delete stack
<name>" from the LCPlayer-messageBox.

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