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Thu Jan 30 13:04:26 EST 2020

Hermann strikes again.

Brilliant stuff Hermann - and multiple stacks running at the same time

What could you do if  you weren't  in a straight jacket  and blindfolded
.(metaphorically speaking).

>From memory, you have  asked the team for a couple of "tweaks" that would
you wouldn't have to jump through hoops and workarounds - hope they get
some time soon
to implement some of your suggestions.

Hermann could you list here what is "missing"  in a most important to less
important  list, to make the "webapps" more powerful and easier to  "talk"
to the DOM, Javascript etc?

If you haven't got the time or the inclination  I would understand - but
maybe just maybe as they are nearing the end of the LCFM project they might
look at this sooner rather than later.

Regards Lagi

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> HTML5: html5Player (v102 as of Jan 30, 2020)
> This is a HTML5 standalone (webApp in the new LC wording).
> This is a "standalone-Plus" that is, it is extended by several
> javascript extensions for features that are not (yet) implemented
> in LC-HTML5 or not possible with LC.
> It can do among other the following.
> * Load (ordinary) local LC stacks by click or drag and drop.
> The stacks will run if they would compile and run with the HTML5
> standalone builder (but you don't have to compile).
> The stacks MUST have one of the file endings .rev, .livecode or
> .livecodescript.
> * Load and display local or remote images (drag and drop images
> or copy/paste image urls is supported).
> * Load and display local audio/video (for cross-browser support
> use mp3 and mp4 only). Drag and drop file icons is supported.
> * Open a webview for videos, pdfs, audio streams and html pages.
> In such a webview you can safely run also HTML5 standalones that
> don't work in the html5Player because you inject javascript
> handlers/objects to the loading page.
> As the main page loads as https you can use https-Addresses only
> in the webview (especially for audio/video-streams).
> * Open one or several webcam views (works in newer Chrome, Safari,
> Brave, not in Firefox).
> All views are displayed in panels that are draggable and resizable
> (incl. minimize and maximize).
> HTML5: html5IDE
> (Inspector+Dictionary+ScriptEditor+Tools)
> The above html5Player will complete my experimental html5IDE that
> is close to "ready"". I can also meanwhile save edited stacks. But
> I don't publish newer versions than
> until LC does more in that field than renaming it to "WebApps".
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