Autofill Utility

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Jan 23 20:57:43 EST 2020

Nicely done, Bob.  Thanks for posting that.
Richard Gaskin
Fourth World Systems

Bob Sneidar wrote:

> Hi all. 
> These scripts may help you if you want to autofill text in a field from a list of prior values. The rawKeyUp handler goes in the field, and the autofill can go anywhere in the message path. You can see how simple this is. 
> The prerequisite is to have a uniquevalues propery in the field. I have another handler if anyone is interested, which upon openCard queries a database for unique values for a list of fields, and then populates each field's uniquevalues property with the results, but I hesitate to put that handler here because it uses calls to sqlYoga, and some don't use that. 
> Enjoy! 
> Bob S
> ON rawKeyUp
>    IF the text of me is not empty THEN
>       autoFill the long id of me
>       exit to top
>       -- focus on me
>    END IF
>    pass rawKeyUp
> END rawKeyUp
> on autoFill pTargetID
>    put the text of pTargetID into tText
>    put the number of chars of tText into tCharCount
>    put the uniqueValues of pTargetID into tValueList
>    put lineOffset(tText, tValueList) into tOffset
>    if tOffset = 0 then exit autoFill
>    put line tOffset of tValueList into tNewValue
>    if tText is tNewValue then exit autoFill -- in case we tabbed
>    set the text of pTargetID to line tOffset of tValueList
>    select char tCharCount +1 to -1 of pTargetID
> end autoFill

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