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Alex Tweedly alex at
Thu Jan 23 20:19:33 EST 2020

OK, now I fell really dumb :-)

How do I cast a vote ?  I'm not generally a forum user (don't have time 
or patience for that appalling UIX), so maybe I'm just missing the 
background info on how to cast votes in surveys.

I wondered if I was supposed to simply post a reply, and then someone 
would add that in to the totals - but you have 84 responses, and only 59 
pots - so that doesn't seem right.

Anyway - I'm a

  - C2  - I run it on multiples shared servers

and a

  - AB (intend to run it on dedicated server, but not done so yet :-)


On 22/01/2020 01:35, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode wrote:
> I've been running a survey of LC Server use in the forums for some 
> time now:
> If you haven't cast your vote it would be helpful if you could take a 
> moment to do so.
> I've been thinking of making some tools for LC Server deployment and 
> monitoring, but with just 76 total participants in that poll it's 
> difficult to discern just how useful such things would be.
> Thanks in advance for helping to broaden all of our understanding of 
> how LC Server is used.
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