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On 1/19/20 2:23 PM, J. Landman Gay via use-livecode wrote:
> I'm using a native scroller for both Android and iOS. I track the 
> mouseDown position and the mouseUp position to see if the swipe is 
> vertical or horizontal. Vertical causes a scroll, horizontal is a swipe. 
> This works on Android.
> On iOS the mouseDown isn't registered fast enough and swiping doesn't 
> work unless you hold down for a second before continuing the swipe. I 
> think this must be related to the iOS-only properties delayTouches 
> and/or canCancelTouches but I've tried combinations of both without 
> success.

Plodding through my own issues today: the above is marginally 
inaccurate. Swiping horizontally does work but only if the scroller is 
absolutely still. If you swipe even slightly upward (but mostly 
horizontal) it acts like a vertical scroll. One of those scroller 
properties I mentioned should be preventing that, right?

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