Changing extention on script only stack

Brian Milby brian at
Tue Jan 14 14:55:28 EST 2020

I would offer a clarification for ScriptTracker:  while the files it exports could be used as-is for SoS behaviors, that is not the goal of the tool.  One goal is to allow editing of scripts in external editors (performance is one reason, but there are others too).  A larger goal is to allow Git to be used on a binary stack but have the key piece of information (the code) extracted in such a way to facilitate tracking the changes.  A third goal goes hand in hand with that.  This goal is to allow review of code online without having to download the actual stack.  If you look at all of my public repositories you can review any code that is inside my binary stacks natively on GitHub.

If a stack makes sense to distribute as a binary stack file (and not built as an application), then this makes the tracking easy.  I also think it is better for the end user of the stack.  Trevor does something the other way around with Baker’s Assistant.  He develops with behaviors but then assembles everything into a single binary stack for distribution.  I’ve done something similar with Navigator for my own use.

On Jan 14, 2020, 2:15 PM -0500, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode <use-livecode at>, wrote:
> Greg (Pink) Miller wrote:
> > ScriptTracker was definitely the tool I needed. I didn't need an external
> > script for any reason other than faster editing.
> If people are use SoS solely to get away from performance issues in the
> Script Editor, rather than add a pile of other tools to make SoS
> development simpler it would seem prudent to review and optimize the
> Script Editor.
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