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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Feb 17 17:21:04 EST 2020

Richmond wrote:
 > Yeah, yeah, yeah . . . sick of that stuff about endless upgrades; and,
 > frankly banging on about them does not really help anyone who asks the
 > sort of question the OP asked.

The OP asked about using the latest version of LiveCode on an OS that 
was EOL'd many years ago.

I replied that the LC version he's asking about doesn't run on XP. That 
older versions do is self-evident.

What exactly ruffles your feathers about providing an accurate answer to 
the question?

 > There is a simple fact that some people round "these parts" as well as
 > elsewhere overlook . . .
 > Not everyone has oddles of money to endlessly upgrade, or the
 > inclination to do that.

I agree it would be ideal if OS vendors supported every version forever, 
but as a practical matter they simply don't.  It isn't LC's fault, and I 
can't even blame the OS vendor.

If there's any "bad guy" here it's the literal bad guys:

We can reply on nearly every popular OS version to be patched forever, 
but after EOL the only new patches are coming from organized crime.

As long as the machine isn't connected to the open Internet it may be 
safe to use.

Beyond that, yes, it's unfortunate that OS vendors will drop support for 
hardware, and fortunate that Linux is available to give a second life to 
hardware abandoned by its maker.

With such a vast ecosystem behind it, there's probably a Linux version 
for just about any computing device made in the last 20 years.

Linux is free and open, ready to step in whenever another OS vendor lets 
you down.

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