revprintfield and RIGHT tabalign?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Feb 14 12:01:52 EST 2020

dunbarx wrote:

 > This is done with "revPrintField", where it is only in the print
 > dialog that I can divert the process to make a PDF.
 > What is the story with "open printing to "PDF"...?

With regard to tabAlign, we can deduce that either syntax for generating 
a PDF from revPrintField will have the same result, since "tabAlign" is 
not present in revPrintingLibrary.

If, however, we skip revPrintField and print the card directly, we could 
expect both forms of syntax for generating PDF output to also be 
identical, but showing the correct tabAlign since we're printing the 
card rather than reproducing the content via a library that doesn't yet 
support tabAlign.

If the field content is always known to be less than one page that may 
be a good option, provided of course the other features beyond 
revPrintField's automatic pagination are not also used (header and 
footer, margins, etc.).

Seems simpler to leave everything as it is with just a one-line addition 
to revPintingLibrary to add support for the tabAlign feature.

Once we pin own the unique cicumstance with Klaus' last column rendering 
outside the right-hand bounds of the field, I suspect it'll take no more 
than a second line added to revPrintingLibrary to accommodate that tool.

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