the fontnames and special names like (Menu)

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Here is some unhelpful information from the dictionary:
The list of font names includes a set of special-purpose names which automatically select the matching font for the platform. You can use these to request "the font used for buttons" without having to hard-code platform-specific font names. These fonts are:   
   - (Text) - the font used for fields and other controls with editable content 
   - (Menu) - the font used for menu items
   - (Message) - the font used for buttons, labels and other communication from the app
   - (Styled Text) - the font used by default for rich text
   - (System) - the font for controls not covered by another category
   - (Tooltip) - the font used for displaying tooltips
   - (Default) - selects one of the UI fonts automatically based on the control type

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Subject: the fontnames and special names like (Menu)

The fontnames() function returns certain special font names like:
(Styled Text)

How do I find out what fonts these really are on a given platform. The 
effective textFont does not seem to work.

For example the following code on Windows 10,

set the textFont of fld 1 to "(Text)"
put the effective textFont of fld 1

outputs "(Text)" when I would have expected it to output "Segoe UI"

Is this a bug?

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