hh hh at
Sun Feb 2 22:01:17 EST 2020

New in html5Player (v104 alpha)

html5Player adds a function keyCombo to your stack (as behavior)
that you may use in your local stacks.
It is updated on every keydown, keyup, mousedown and mouseup
in the browser window.
[See the stack "FontAndKeyTester" of btn "StackURL".]

keyCombo returns the downstates of 'modifiers', keyCode and key:
Alt, Shift, (Ctrl or Cmd), CapsLock, KeyCode, Key. For example


The shiftkey, the cmdkey etc. currently always report "up" in
LC-HTML5. But you may now use in your local stack, running in
html5Player (e.g.):
"if item 2 of keyCombo()" instead of "if the shiftkey is down".

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