oAuth2 seems to log in successfully but the oAuth2 dialog/browser does not disappear, have to click cancel

Martin Koob mkoob at rogers.com
Fri Aug 28 00:30:11 EDT 2020


In my project to make a library for connecting to an LMS I am trying to use oAuth2 to authorize with a Brightspace LMS  instance from a Mac Desktop App.   The oAuth2 dialog/browser appears I enter the credentials and then the login appears to succeed i.e. the LMS's home page opens in the dialog/browser.  However the dialog does not  close so I have to click the ‘Cancel’ button.  So the result returned by the oAuth2 command is “cancel’ and there is nothing in the ‘it’ variable.

My redirect URI is <>.  The LMS service requires https.  LiveCode’s oAuth only allows http for the redirect URI.  Could that be the issue?

My guess is that once a response is received at the redirect URI then LiveCode’s oAuth2 dialog would close. 
Then the value of the token would be in the ‘it’ variable.
Is that the case?

The other issue may be that I don’t have the correct token URL parameter for the oAuth2 command.  I am still checking into that.

Any suggestions on how to get this working?

Martin Koob

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