Cross Platform Font Layout - current workarounds

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Tue Aug 25 10:03:55 EDT 2020

You are certainly correct about the non-materialising assurances (pace 
the fund-raiser a few years back where almost none of the stretch goals 
materialised) and the begging for money. Recently LiveCode was 
effectively bankrupt and moved from its (needlessly) expensive offices 
in the centre of Edinburgh's New Town to somewhere less expensive.

I feel that LiveCode (the company) has never matured from "Kevin and his 
mates" to a fully-fledged,
going concern.

It makes me extremely sad, having discovered the "Kevin and his mates" 
versions in 2001/2
(RunRev 1.1.1, 2.0 & 2.0.1) that somewhere down the line things got 
either stuck or skewed,
as a lot of potential seems to have got lost.

Not least its potential as an entry-level language for teaching and as a 

On 25.08.20 16:47, Pi Digital via use-livecode wrote:
> Paul
> It’s a reasonable question so I’ll afford it the dignity it deserves. Here’s the thing. With thousands of £ invested in them including when they beg for money to help them out during times of distress you end up almost locked into their ecosystem. Besides, my main bread and butter client is 100% LiveCode dépendant so I HAVE to continue down the LC route.
> Unless I do what Richmond suggests, which has often been on my mind, and just jump ship and abandon my client. I’ve had partnerships I’ve had to do this with before, mostly due to their poor business skills though. This one has been nothing but good to me especially since I came out of the mental hospital two years ago. I wouldn’t want to insult him.
> And therein lies the rub because, to achieve the html conversion of his app his clients were effectively demanding, I had to have certain assurances from LC before investing yet more thousands of £ into them. However, that has all been proven to be LIES.
> And this is the real reason of late I have been up on MY high horse. Because time and time again, things promised are NEVER delivered. Except FMPro so we are led to believe. If they were really making so many sales, Jacque, why on earth would they be begging for money to help them out?? Why don’t they call on their new FM partners or users??
> In response to the question ‘what on earth made you believe it would be 100% cross platform’. Look on their homepage. The first 2 sections repeat it several times. According to that they have built their own system that delivers just this. Backed up by images that make it appear to be exactly this way with identical screen shots from multiple platforms. And they say it DOES NOT NEED ADDITIONAL CODE!!
> How are you going to defend them this time? LC have not responded to this or my other posts. THEY KNOW I’M RIGHT and are keeping out of the frame.
> Look at the bug report from my original post. Look at it. 15 years on, STILL NOT FIXED. Confirmed as a bug. Nothing done.
> I want to give up so desperately but I am forced into carrying on until LC drive me into hospital yet again. I think I’ve explained enough above to show why that is. I’m doomed. I’m facing my own inevitable demise like someone with cancer.
> But I won’t go down without a fight!
> All the best to the best of you all. (But not the rest of you) ;)
> Sean Cole
> Pi Digital
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