Dark Mode support and iOS startup screens

HENRY LOWE hlowe at me.com
Mon Apr 27 16:32:00 EDT 2020

As of LC 9.6.0 (dp4) there is support for detecting whether the system is in dark or light mode and also a message that signals when the display mode changes. This works well and we have successfully added dark mode support to our iOS app. However, there appears to be no support for adding a light & dark mode startup screen. So when the app launches in dark mode it will displays the bright light mode start up screen. Different dark and light mode startup screens are supported by Xcode’s storyboards, which will soon be mandated by Apple as the only way to support iOS launch screens. Any idea when this support might be available? We were hoping to release an update to our iOS app implementing dark mode, as this is a much requested feature, but are now blocked by the startup screen issue.



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