Wildcard? replaceText, offset?

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Or, more oil-fashioned, and again assuming that the integer in question is always the very first one in parentheses:
on mouseUpput random(99) into char offset("(",yourString) + 1 of yourStringend mouseUp
You will get tired of running this after only a few invocations.

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I have a very long string.

In the middle-end part of the string I have “(x)” where x represents some integer.
it could be (4) or (10) or (5) etc.

I just want to replace the number inside the () with whatever other number I need to.

I have been trying to find an easy way to do this.  Ideally a wildcard character like ? or *
would probably do it, but after going through the dictionary and getting lost with
filter, matchText, …  I finally decided perhaps one of you could make a better
suggestion.  It seems like this one should be very easy, but it’s not so easy if you
don’t do this kind of thing all the time.


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