Three very simple questions

Alex Tweedly alex at
Sun Apr 26 08:15:26 EDT 2020

On 26/04/2020 13:11, Graham Samuel via use-livecode wrote:
> 2. I’ve not had to use LC arrays much, at least not ones containing my own data. The description of arrays is somewhat scattered throughout the lessons and the Guide, and I failed to find a thorough treatment of the whole idea of arrays in LC, which I find quite slippery. I am looking to use a two- or three-dimensional array, where you can script something like
>   put myArray[2,7] into…, or
>   get myArray[x,y,z]
> I still don’t know if this is possible. I kind of think it is, but I can’t grasp how to do it.

Forget comma-separated indices - use multi-level arrays.

put myArray[2][7] into ...

get myArray[x][y][z]

and then it "all just works as you expect" :-)


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