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Graham Samuel livfoss at mac.com
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Thanks Jacque - info safely stored in my “how to make a mobile app look like one” archive!

Thanks for the other info about properties - how would you then refer to a property that isn’t shown in the Property Inspector for a widget, such as fontColor (or whatever)? I assume the array is just a way of accessing the whole collection and not the route to setting an individual property - but I’m probably wrong.


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> On 4/24/20 3:37 AM, Graham Samuel via use-livecode wrote:
>> As my app took shape, I noticed how unlike a typical iPhone app it looked, mostly because I was using the controls I was familiar with, such as radio buttons and ordinary fields. I wondered if my users might find its interface unfamiliar. Therefore I have been seeking to make my app’s user interface look and feel more like other iPhone apps. I have already had a lot of help from this list, but it seems there is no one packaged solution to getting an ‘iPhone look and feel’.
> You mentioned the iOS native button doesn't look right. If it makes you feel better, the Android one doesn't either. So what I did was use a round-rect graphic as a button. Set the linesize to 1 and the round radius to 8. You can set the border color and the text color.
> I use the same graphic for Android. Sometimes Android buttons have a fill color, sometimes they are just borderless text. I adjust those properties based on platform. IOS buttons use sentence capitalization, Android buttons use all-caps. The label can be adjusted the same way based on platform.
> It's an easy fix and looks native.
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