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On 4/24/20 3:37 AM, Graham Samuel via use-livecode wrote:
> As my app took shape, I noticed how unlike a typical iPhone app it looked, mostly because I was using the controls I was familiar with, such as radio buttons and ordinary fields. I wondered if my users might find its interface unfamiliar. Therefore I have been seeking to make my app’s user interface look and feel more like other iPhone apps. I have already had a lot of help from this list, but it seems there is no one packaged solution to getting an ‘iPhone look and feel’.

You mentioned the iOS native button doesn't look right. If it makes you feel better, the 
Android one doesn't either. So what I did was use a round-rect graphic as a button. Set the 
linesize to 1 and the round radius to 8. You can set the border color and the text color.

I use the same graphic for Android. Sometimes Android buttons have a fill color, sometimes they 
are just borderless text. I adjust those properties based on platform. IOS buttons use sentence 
capitalization, Android buttons use all-caps. The label can be adjusted the same way based on 

It's an easy fix and looks native.

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