Where do copied files go on mobile?

Klaus major-k klaus at major-k.de
Sun Apr 19 12:48:23 EDT 2020

Hi Graham,

> Am 19.04.2020 um 18:37 schrieb Graham Samuel via use-livecode <use-livecode at lists.runrev.com>:
> Hi Klaus
> Thanks for your continued interest. In fact I got it working! As stated earlier, I converted my sound to .m4a (there are internet services for this kind of conversion) and included it in the Standalone Copy Files section.
> I have this in the OpenStack handler of the main stack of the app (there is only one stack).
>    put specialFolderPath("resources") & “/MySound.m4a" into tBeepPath
>    set the beepsound to tBeepPath
>    beep 3 — as a test
> I ran it on the iPhone simulator and it did beep!

great! :-)

> I have something wrong further on in my app when the beep is supposed to react as an alarm, but it isn’t the sound itself. 
> I am struggling with these additional problems and will almost certainly be asking for more advice shortly!
> Thanks again for your help.

You are very welcome!

I am the lucky guy who does not own (and need!) any mobile device, yes, no cell-phone, that's me.
But since I sleep with the LC dictionary under my pillow, I know whatever syntax is neccessary for mobile,
just cannot test it by myself. :-D

Some years ago I have been coaching/mentoring a complete LC newbie and a couple of months later he 
had a cool app with database etc. in the Apple and Google store. :-)

> Graham



Klaus Major
klaus at major-k.de

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