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Well, Richard, as usual you say something informative and useful!

I didn’t know that LC could play a sound file in MP3 format. I am in the odd position of being a veteran of LC (and to some extent even Hypercard and Supercard) and I have developed published apps; but despite my regular reading of this list, my skills have got rusty and now I am trying to apply, at double-quick time, the oil can of advice from this list and elsewhere so as to develop a mobile app…

So I didn’t look in all corners for the answer. Instinctively I thought that an audioclip was the way to go, because I saw it as a small chunk of data best embedded in my app. In my mind, the format of an external file trades flexibility (the user or the app can switch content easily) against a massive overhead of storage and software mechanics and potential delays due to loading etc, whereas the audioclip is small, clean, and can be started and stopped with no overheads. This is doubtless old-fashioned - I don’t carry the moniker of Living Fossil for nothing - and I need to revise this thinking, which you are helping me to do. Still, I can’t quite let go of the idea of the embedded squawk.


> On 13 Apr 2020, at 01:01, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Graham Samuel wrote:
>> Still, subject closed - I presume the mother ship has long ago decided
>> not to enhance LC in this respect any time soon.
> Not at all.  I noticed this thread got off on the tangent of codec specifics, but never addressed your core question:
> LiveCode can play all of those and more.
> Just not specifically using the old audioClip method.  That method was an early attempt to emulate HC's resource-fork-based SND clips, and never got past using the .au format which was popular way back in the day on the platform MetaCard was born on, Unix.
> Since then audio and video support assumes richer formats of greater length than are practical with embedded media clips.
> Play them as files and you should be fine.
> (That is, unless you need to deploy to Linux, where the Player object started breaking a few years after the turn of the century and has gotten steadily worse since.)
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