Richmond richmondmathewson at
Mon Apr 13 03:42:27 EDT 2020

Having the ability to import resources into a stack, whether they be 
images, videos or sounds is a great strength;
and much better than having a ReadMe document accompanying one's 
standalones telling people where they have to
bung a slew of referenced resources . . . knowing that about 50% of 
people will put them in the wrong place and then
complain they want their money back because your application doesn't work.

This may be "old-fashioned", but so am I teaching kids how to program 
with BBC computers from the 1980s;
doesn't mean it is a bad thing.

And on Linux . . . what a shambles.

Re MP3s /per se/: either LiveCode should be capable of embedding them, 
or, possibly by leveraging open source
code, it should be able to read MP3 files and store the musical data 
contained within them inwith stacks in some
format that can then be played . . .

The compression available via MP3 well outweighs any possible loss in 
sound quality - frankly I wonder if anyone over the
age of 18 can tell the difference unless the sound file is then played 
through some high-end equipment.

When I was 23 I was walking past a HiFi shop in Durham City when I was 
seduced to go inside and listen
to a demonstration of Quadraphonic sound (does anyone except me actually 
remember that?). I was sat down in an
office chair between 4 speakers and listened to some music by Queen; 
then again on another chair between 2 speakers.
A slightly oily fellow with an unctuous voice then said, "Of course you 
heard the difference between the stereo
and the quad, didn't you?"  Talk about leading tag questions. Feeling 
like a "right peasant," I said, "No" and left.

I did actually hear a difference: but not in terms of the musical 
quality as such, but in the effect of being "within' the space where the 
music was taking place.

I went home and by jacking together 6 loud speakers and a tobacco tin to 
my record player I got a Quad effect for nix!

Purists (err; sound experts or plain posers? who knows) would have howled.

Now I listen to any old music "as it comes" and feel lucky that I can 
hear it, especially on mornings like this one
when my tinnitus is singing a song of its own.

Embed, embed, embed . . . Please.

Best, Richmond.

On 13.04.20 2:01, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode wrote:
> Graham Samuel wrote:
> > Still, subject closed - I presume the mother ship has long ago decided
> > not to enhance LC in this respect any time soon.
> Not at all.  I noticed this thread got off on the tangent of codec 
> specifics, but never addressed your core question:
> LiveCode can play all of those and more.
> Just not specifically using the old audioClip method.  That method was 
> an early attempt to emulate HC's resource-fork-based SND clips, and 
> never got past using the .au format which was popular way back in the 
> day on the platform MetaCard was born on, Unix.
> Since then audio and video support assumes richer formats of greater 
> length than are practical with embedded media clips.
> Play them as files and you should be fine.
> (That is, unless you need to deploy to Linux, where the Player object 
> started breaking a few years after the turn of the century and has 
> gotten steadily worse since.)

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