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Don't know what "list like that" you are referring to. Currently, Android (and maybe iOS, too, I don't know) requires Location as a prerequisite to using Bluetooth. My impression is that with the new API, this is not required. So, the list for any app is smaller.

I believe currently COVID watch only needs Bluetooth, Location (because of Bluetooth), notifications (but I'm hoping that can be made optional) and Internet. I haven't looked at the akp, uh, apk uh, whatever it is. 

A concern that I have is that what was open source and peer reviewed is now pushed down into the API. And will that API be available on all Android 5.0 up? iOS 11 up?

COVID Watch is not stopping to see how this plays out. The team is testing this weekend. The same with DP3T. So, maybe we don't need no API improvements. Maybe.

I hope an app by one of the teams concerned about privacy will beat "to market" any government app. I would be very upset of Big Brother mandated the use of COVID Watch. I knew a fellow who worked hard for liberty in Cuba only to have the work stolen by Castro in a power grab. 

Maybe this is where you can contribute, Mark. You can help protect us.

Maybe you can come up with some ways to test apps and APIs.
Maybe you can come up with methods to help with contact tracing that don't rely on a long list of permissions.

Of course, the 4Catalyst project is pretty cool, too.

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>> Apple and Google adding contact tracking to their OSs
> From my limited understanding of this, Apple and Google are creating an API which will be part of the OS. And then it's up to developers to create apps and convince users to download them (Apple gets their 30% off the top, no?). So at best we have reporting from the set of users who have decided to opt in, download an app, and accept the app's permissions.
> I can just imagine what that permissions list will look like. And if I ever see a list like that on an app I'm about to install, it goes straight in the trash. This sounds like a long shot.
> Of course, a "standard" app will soon become compulsory for tracking and permission to be out on the street, as it did in China.
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