Devolution bug

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Apr 6 21:13:07 EDT 2020

Andre Garzia wrote:

 > I just reinstalled LC and Devolution here but every time I try opening
 > any of the panes, it does an audible chime. Trying to click any of the
 > tabs in the first pane (the one with about, check for updates, etc)
 > just sounds the chime and doesn't change anything. It feels like there
 > is a modal somewhere offscreen and I can't click it.

I've seen reports in the forums about dialogs opening behind palettes in 
recent versions of LC, unrelated to devolution.

Devo rarely does anything modal, but if perhaps you clicked something 
that opens a file picker, if you're seeing the same LC bug others have 
seen in other contexts, it may be the getfile dialog is opening behind 
the pane.

Just a hunch.  Haven't seen this yet, but if you can tell which OS 
you're on I'll see if it's possible to reproduce it here.

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