Apps to fight COVID-19

Dar Scott Consulting dsc at
Mon Apr 6 19:41:01 EDT 2020

Hi, everybody!

I apologize for the drive-by email. 

And I miss everybody on the list. Been busy all that.

I am a strong believer in contact tracing as an implortant part of COVID-19 containment.

There are several teams out there working on voluntary privacy-protecting contact tracing apps to deploy before Big Brother mandates some central DB app usage. Those include COVID Watch, CoEpi, Private Watch Safe Paths, and others. Most have already started and are using swift and kotlin. Only Safe Paths has something out. However, there might be some room in creating some instant apps in LiveCode or in supporting in other ways. Also, some teams are just getting started and need something fast. I think we need some education apps done quickly.

Also, 4Catalyzer is making a home test and needs some app development.

For myself, I am on on the COVID Watch team.

If you want to do something, take a look around at privacy preserving contact tracing projects. And also look specifically I the ones I mentioned. 

I might be rehashing what has already been discussed.  Sorry. Like I said, "Drive by email".

And remember what the Beatles said, "You wanna wash your ha-a-ands!"

Dar Scott

I am using Private Watch: Safe Paths on my iPhone to fight COVID-19..

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