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Mon Apr 6 12:10:32 EDT 2020

Bob Sneidar wrote:

 > I’m curious how this client server method handles multiple
 > simultaneous connections? I had the idea of having a listener agent
 > spawn an SQL Agent stack the first time a client connected, that would
 > then listen on a random port. The listener agent would return the
 > random port to the client which would then in the future communicate
 > with the random SQL agent directly. A kind of passive connection if
 > you will. I’m not sure all that is necessary though.
 > I kept waking up all night thinking of ways to implement the
 > encryption so that even a person with time to decipher the method
 > would not be able to use it in subsequent captures.

Two rubrics that have saved me much time, effort, and unrest:

1. Unless you have a specific reason why another protocol is truly
    necessary, use HTTP.

    Tooling, documentation, simplicity, extensibility - it's all there,
    ready to use, right now.

2. Never roll your own security.

    Consider all the hours spent developing, testing, refining,
    reporting, revising, packaging, documenting.  No single human
    will ever replicate even a corner of that in an entire lifetime.
    And there's no need, since most of the best security options are
    Free and open.

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