Old Fossil seeks fast track assistance

Graham Samuel livfoss at mac.com
Sat Apr 4 04:38:39 EDT 2020

Hi All - sorry this is a bit long, but I need help.

I’m a long term LC developer who more or less retired from development a couple of years ago, but I’ve kept on lurking in this list and trying rather hopelessly to remain up to date. My experience has been mostly on desktop apps, with a little iOS work. I haven’t ever done much on Android. I have just about retained my credentials as an Apple developer.

Now I find I really want to develop a mobile app at speed, and deploy it.

I don’t anticipate all that much difficulty in creating my app in the sense of designing and coding it - this can call on my own quite extensive experience of the past, the LC documentation and this invaluable list. I can reasonable hope to create a prototype in a few days. However there is a massive gap: testing and deployment.

I don’t have access to my most recent development machine (it’s in another country and I’m self-isolating), so I am working with an iMac that can only run MacOS High Sierra (and Windows 10 via Parallels, but I was hoping not to go there for this project). Now, I clearly need to organise the right version of XCode and the right SDK for my iOS development, and I need to do the equivalent thing for Android - and I don’t know how to do it. 

For iOS, I THINK I need XCode 10.2, which I’m trying to download to replace the copy of 9.2 already on my machine. I obviously need to work with a compatible SDK. For Android, I don’t know where to start, so for now I am putting this on the back burner, but I will have to return to it eventually. Even when I’ve lined all this up (if indeed it’s feasible), I then need to remind myself how to test via simulators (I used to be good at this, so maybe that is not so scary, but I am not at all up to date) and then I need to get the app onto real hardware - starting with iPhones, as I’ve got a few of these. I really don’t know how to do this for testing, and more so I don’t know how to distribute a test version to a small population of testers, although I know this is feasible. The whole project may crash and burn at this beta testing stage, so actually getting it into the App Store can wait a bit.

Obviously I am not expecting people on this list to hold my hand at every step. My main concern is to be guided through the body of LC notes etc to get absolutely practical advice and recipes as to what to do at each stage. If I study the LC stuff long enough, I will get there, but I would dearly love help to fast-track it all.



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