Our first Community Zoom Session

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sat Apr 4 01:27:24 EDT 2020

Mark Wieder wrote:

 > I'm *very* impressed with Zoom's engineering team, rolling out a new
 > version to quash this vulnerability asap. I got prompted to install
 > the new version this morning. Upgrading was painless. Not only is
 > Zoom being super-responsive about this (and given the publicity lately
 > it stands to  reason that they would) but they're being upfront about
 > the issues and backtracking and patching in public in real time. You
 > don't often see companies with this size a customer base turn on a
 > dime like this.


I knew nothing about Zoom until a few weeks ago, but everything I've 
read since is impressive.

And as both technologists and citizens, in addition to what Zoom is, 
also valuable is what they're not: not Google Hangouts, not Apple 
FaceTime, not Microsoft Teams, etc.  A startup this successful outside 
the Big Five is helpful for everyone, and devs in particular. Developers 
thrive in diverse and fluid ecosystems.

And did you notice Zoom's API docs?

I've only started reading them, but the functionality seems like a very 
empowering compliment to LC's GUI capabilities, esp. for integrating 
with other services an organization may need.

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