Getting started with geographical coordinates

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mobileLocationAuthorizationStatus() will tell you if the OS app setting will allow location tracking
mobileSensorAvailable("location") will tell you if there is a location sensor
mobileStartTrackingSensor "Location", [true|false] will start the tracking.

mobileSensorReading("location", [true|false]) will return an array of the current location. If the latitude or longitude is zero then the GPS is not yet locked

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I am reviving my LiveCode skills in these troubled times, and I want to do something that involves the location of a device using GPS. A very rapid (obviously too rapid) search of the documentation finds commands like iphoneStartTrackingLocation, but no link to a description of how one reads the actual geographical coordinates or what form they take. There is a reference to CoreLocation, but that hasn’t got a dictionary entry.

Can anyone point me in the right direction. Sorry if it’s obvious.

Thanks in advance

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