Mac Codesigning stops working. (revSecurity.dylib)

Tony Trivia quizzicaltimes20 at
Sun Sep 29 15:46:22 EDT 2019

Hi all.

I had the whole Mac codesigning thing under control, notarization, all
that. Was successfully signing, notarizing and distributing (as third
party) my MacOS app as recently as a week ago.  But about two days,
AppWrapper 3 started reporting "Failed to sign" blaming the subcomponent
revSecurity.dylib.  App Wrapper diagnosis says "code object is not signed
at all in architectur: x86_64.

My build is in LC 9.5 using 64-bit.

I built a minimalist stack with one "go url" button to trigger inclusion of
revSecurity and TSnet. Attempts to sign that minimal stack as a Mac
standalone gets the same errors.

Codesigning via Terminal also fails.

Anyone else have this problem? Suggestions?


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