Weird behavior for modal stacks and answer dialogs

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Tue Sep 10 04:15:18 EDT 2019

Hi Mark,
thank you for highlighting the 14275 report.
I can confirm the Spotify “interference” on Yosemite and Sierra. It seems to be ininfluent on latest version like Mojave.
I want to underline that this wrong behavior is present also in the executables, that is the real problem.

Is there a way to understand what’s going on with 3rd part software?

> Il giorno 09/set/2019, alle ore 17:44, Mark Waddingham via use-livecode <use-livecode at> ha scritto:
> On 2019-09-09 16:16, Giovanni via use-livecode wrote:
>> Hi everybody,
>> thanks for feedback.
>> I think that the ones suggested cannot be considered as a solutions
>> nor a workarounds.
>> If I am working on an application with thousands (literally) of
>> answer/ask dialogs and modal called windows I cannot review all my
>> code to find a way to do something that the engine is called to do on
>> its own, don’t you think?
>> Anyway the “lock messages” can be used with answer/ask dialog but not
>> with modal windows that are intended to be used by the user.
>> Moreover as the modal stack behavior is correct on Windows and seems
>> to be correct on latest MacOS versions I found really strange to
>> garbage my code to workaround an issue that, in my opinion, can be
>> classified as a bug.
> This sounds like < <>> - the
> bug appears to be triggered when certain other apps are running but we have
> yet to be able to find out *why* these other apps have an effect on LC :(
>> During my investigation I found an interesting thing: starting
>> QuickTime to produce a screencast the app starts working properly even
>> without closing/restarting it. Closing QuickTime immediately
>> reintroduce the problem. This sounds like QuickTime uses a system
>> library that LC should use but doesn’t. Can someone give an hint about
>> this?!
> That is intriguing - the fact that QT makes LC's modal windows work correctly
> again is potentially quite a useful discovery. Do the machines which exhibit
> the bug have any 'always running' software (e.g. like Spotify as suggested
> in the above bug).
> Warmest Regards,
> Mark.
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