Weird behavior for modal stacks and answer dialogs

Tom Glod tom at
Mon Sep 9 09:32:32 EDT 2019

Yeah.... i remember getting really heated when this behaviior was
introduced. drove me nuts.

I think I just used a "wait while stack is open" kind of command (with
messages) and it works fine.

On Mon, Sep 9, 2019 at 7:31 AM Paul Dupuis via use-livecode <
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> On 9/9/2019 6:50 AM, Giovanni via use-livecode wrote:
> > Hi everybody,
> > I’m writing here to report a very strange behavior of modal stacks and
> answer dialogs on MacOS Yosemite and Sierra.
> > Basically the modal windows or dialogs, in these OSes simply does not
> work and this seems to happen since LC 6.7.x!
> > When you open a modal stack the expected behavior is that the script
> execution is interrupted and you cannot interact with the calling or other
> opened windows. While the first thing seems to happen, the second one
> doesn’t work: you can click on buttons, fields or any other control in the
> calling stack or any other stack opened.
> > I think that this is a very big problem mainly in porting applications
> from older versions of LC to the newest one and it’s quite strange that
> nobody else noticed this before or consider this a problem.
> >
> > I already filed a bug report at
> <
>> in which you can also
> find a demo stack to easily reproduce the behavior.
> >
> > Anyone can comment on this? Are you experiencing this as a problem? Is
> there a workaround or a solution for this?
> >
> > The problem seems not to be present on Mojave but I was not able to try
> on other versions on MacOS and it’s not present on Windows.
> >
> >
> This one has been around for a while, and I thought it had been
> previously reports (but still not fixed). I seem to recall there was a
> lengthy discussion of it on the list a long time ago.
> The work-around seems to be locking things down before calling an ask or
> answer dialog (lock messages, lock your menus and so on) so that no
> other user actions can start any other script.
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