macOS, is my app active?

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Hi Trevor,

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>> wow, lots of infos, thank you very much, but maybe a little overkill for
>> me.
>> It would suffice for me to get this little snippet to work:
>> -----------------------------------------------------------------
>> tell application "System Events"
>>        set activeApp to name of first application process whose frontmost
>> is true
>>        return activeApp
>> end tell
>> ----------------------------------------------------------------
>> Works fine in the AppleScript Editor, but I get "execution error" when
>> DOing this in LC!?
>> Any hints appreciated!
>> Thanks a lot!
> You’re welcome. I don’t know the solution to your problem with AppleScript.
> If you do go the AppleScript route just check that you don’t trigger any
> security warnings in later versions of macOS. Maybe that isn’t a big deal
> for your app but it is worth checking.

I already stored your mail for future use and will surely take a deeper look
once I have my current project up and running!

> Trevor DeVore



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