WebP-Tool v103

Jjs jjs at krutt.org
Sat Nov 23 16:21:01 EST 2019

Ok sorry, i forgot to mention. I'm also on win10-64bit.

hh via use-livecode <use-livecode at lists.runrev.com> schreef op 23 november 2019 12:43:34 CET:
>There is currently not yet support for mobile (precompiled binaries).
>But Android 4.0+ supports the format natively in its browser. See
>The way you could do it on desktop (and probably as soon as supported
>on mobile):
>You have only webp resources of the images (as custom props) in the
>The binary (could also be installed into temporary folder) converts a
>webp image
>of the stack as soon as it is called to png (for display), on the fly.
>In my stack the needed time for that procedure is displayed above the
>After display you can delete the png -- if converting was fast
>This is most probably the reason for that:
>The stack contains only the binaries for 64bit machines.
>I tested successfully on a 64bit Win10 machine.
>See the instructions for using the stack on 32bit machines
>(this works here, I tested on a 32bit Win7 machine):
>Hope this was the reason and it's fine now.
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Verstuurd vanaf mijn Android apparaat met K-9 Mail.

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