How much do we have to pay to get a minimum of efficiency from HTML5

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Tue Nov 19 07:52:28 EST 2019

A few words in defence of the LC HTML5 standalone builder.

1. > Pi wrote:
> To answer your subject heading, I did some calculating based on the
> current state of HTML5 deployment and my own experience in doing the
> fixes single-handed for it. I work it out in the region of £15k.

This is of course heavily depending on your skills in both Livecode
Script and JavaScript. You shouldn't blame LiveCode if you need a lot
of time for simple fixes/workarounds.

2. (As to Alain's bug report relating to the browser widget).
Nobody from LC ever claimed, a browser widget would work in a HTML5

Also: everything (and more) what you can do with a browser widget
can you do in the browser, may be using an iFrame for the display.
Moreover, the available javascript in the browser is usually more
up-to-date than what's integrated in the browser widget.

A browser widget is good for exercising the parts that you do later
on in the webpage from your standalone using the browser.
The "translation" from browser widget to webpage is easy and fast
to learn.

3. There *was* progress in HTML5 until midth 2018:
= A greatly improved and very simple "Test" procedure.
= Implementing multiple stack windows (you can even do "go url").
= Doing networking as much as OS and browser allow.

[Sadly there *are* still basic things missing, especially full
keyboard support and much better font support.]

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