How much do we have to pay to get a minimum of efficiency from HTML5

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Tue Nov 19 05:33:44 EST 2019

Hi Alain

I truly feel your pain. To answer your subject heading, I did some calculating based on the current state of HTML5 deployment and my own experience in doing the fixes single-handed for it. I work it out in the region of £15k. It’s an effing mess.

Go to and search the term HTML5 and you get 80 bugs (some not for HTML5 deployment specifically) and you see none marked fixed and nearly all as confirmed. Some are 2+ yrs old. 

In contrast, here’s the link to the LC for FM forum:
Either there are zero problems with FM deployment or no one is using it. My guess is the later. A search for LiveCode in is even more pitiful. But this is where a large amount of resources went over the last year or so. We’re unlikely to know the sales figures but I bet they’re very low so that’s not a big return on their investment. The same can probably be said of HTML5 deployment, hence the lack of support. 

Your bug mentioned ( is a very odd one as it is suggesting having the browser widget work within a HTML5 deployment standalone. That’s a very tricky one to accomplish at all and a bit of a rabbits hole (not to mention the potential security risk it opens up). I would be inclined to accomplishing what you have in your demo stack outside of any browser widget to avoid unnecessary complications. 

If you really are serious about HTML5 deployment I’d happily set up a crowd funder for fixing it but I doubt I’d get anywhere close to the 15k to cover it. Probably not even 1k even! I’d even happily move to Scotland and join the LC team dedicated to it if they called for it (which is a billion times more unlikely). 

My current project using HTML5 deployment has gone live now for my clients customers but is 82% workarounds currently. And as I am getting paid for that, that is where the majority of my concentration lies. I still have many more stages of deployment to go for them too. 

If you have more specific HTML5 questions you need help with post them here with a [html5] in the subject heading and we’ll keep an watch for them. No doubt one of us here can help. 

Sean Cole
Pi Digital Prod Ltd

> On 18 Nov 2019, at 22:55, Alain Vezina via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> I gave up regular LC to get interested in HTML5 from LiveCode a year ago..... I reported a bug on the Browser widget in April 2019 and the problem has still not been fixed. ... I think that at that price, I could get a lot more from LiveCode.

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