Android Sleep

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Tue Nov 5 09:34:30 EST 2019

" Is it sleeping when you're interacting with it, or just running with no 

-- running with no interaction

Some "modules" (stacks) in the app guide the user through a practice, let say, e.g.

- do A for 5 second, 
-     (there is a countdown timer showing "1,2,3,4,5"  on the screen)
- do B for 5 second
- hold for 1 second
- repeat above 5 time

Throughout, the user does not have to touch the screen
LC is running "procedure" and displaying count down (or count ups)  on the screen.

simply put, its equivalent to running a stopwatch on the phone

1) the user doesn't "interact" with the phone.
2) BUT, the phone doesn’t go sleep…until the "cycle is over"

Does your video payback APIs do the same?

Testing on iPhone: 
-- set for auto lock in 30 seconds
-- go to the stopwatch, start it running.
-- the phone will not sleep (auto lock) as long as it is running.  I have tried it… running 5 minutes. No sleep
-- it only goes to sleep if you pause or stop.

that the behavior we a looking for...


Richard wrote: When it's running without interaction, what is it doing for 30 seconds 
while the user is idle?

I video media playback APIs keep the screen active.  Beyond that, if the 
user isn't using the device Android will use the threshold you've set to 
conserve power.

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