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Thu May 30 15:24:58 EDT 2019

This line: "Guess i did investigate good enough on the ARM versions."
should be: "Guess i did NOT investigate good enough on the ARM 
versions." forgot the NOT

request made:

Sphere via use-livecode schreef op 2019-05-30 19:09:
> Thank you Mark , that makes it clear.
> Guess i did investigate good enough on the ARM versions.
> The arch index is a good idea, somtehing similair is also what i saw
> inthe Google explanation on multiple APK's to have a version nr where
> the position of the nr identifies what version and for what
> architecture it is, like also commonly is used with serial nr's from
> tv's for example.
> I will create a feature request.
> Thanks very much.
> Best regards,
> Jerry
> Mark Waddingham via use-livecode schreef op 2019-05-30 18:09:
>> On 2019-05-30 19:54, Sphere via use-livecode wrote:
>>> Perhaps for the older ARMv6 devices we may need 5 versions, but like
>>> you said Google play will push the best APK option for the device. 
>>> And
>>> yes every APK needs to have a different/higher Version Code. And keep
>>> in check which Version Code you used for which type of APK.
>> LiveCode only supports Android 4.x and above, and all devices which 
>> run
>> 4.x have at the very least an ARMv7 processor - so there isn't any 
>> need
>> for a ARMv6 device build anymore (hence why it has been removed in 
>> 9.5).
>>> Is it possible as feature, that there can be a checkbox added, so you
>>> can choose to have separate builds instead of one multiple build when
>>> more then 1 build is chosen?
>> That would be quite a useful thing to have - perhaps a check-box which
>> 'builds separate APKs' on the standalone settings pane. It could also
>> do something to derive a new versionCode (they all have to be 
>> different).
>> e.g.
>>     APK-versionCode = S/B-specified-versionCode * 10 + arch-index
>>    arch-index = 0 (ARMv7), 1 (ARM64), 2 (x86), 3 (x86-64)
>> That would save having to specify (by hand) several different 
>> versionCodes
>> for each build.
>> Could you file an enhancement request for such an option, and we can 
>> see what
>> we can do.
>> Warmest Regards,
>> Mark.
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