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Mark Waddingham mark at livecode.com
Wed May 29 15:11:27 EDT 2019

On 2019-05-29 20:45, Tom Glod via use-livecode wrote:
>> VLC has a C-based API.  FFI supports, among others, C-based APIs.
>> I'd say that should be a "yes".

Although a slight word of warning - the reason why there are 'codec
limitations' in the CEF we ship is entirely down to patent encumbrance
on things like MP4.

Just because you *could* use VLC for such codecs, it doesn't mean you
have, or your users have, the right to do so.

In particular, if your app is intended as GPL and you are intending to
(essentially) distribute VLC with it (so that your app functios - thus
making it a combined work) then you are on very thin ice in this regard
and the combination is best avoided.

On the other hand, if your app is commercial then you are fine as long 
you do your homework on any necessary patent licensing - for example, if
you are intending to provide access to the MP4 codecs in VLC then you 
get the appropriate licensing from the MPEG4LA patent pool (there are no
licensing fees for software uses up to 100,000 users IIRC).

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